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Blueprint for a National Injury and Violence Prevention Program 2021 Other , Other Advocacy/Policy , Communication/Dissemination/Framing , Other Issue Brief Safe States Alliance
Comments on NHTSA’s Framework for Automated Driving System Safety 2020 Motor Vehicle and/or Child Passenger Safety , Other , Systems Thinking Advocacy/Policy Issue Brief Motor Vehicle National Peer Learning Team
Core Competencies for Injury and Violence Prevention N/A Other , Other Collaboration/Partnerships , Epidemiology (data collection & analysis) , Evaluation Other Safe States Alliance
Crisis Amidst COVID-19: The state of injury and violence prevention in health departments and hospitals 2021 Other , Health Equity/Social Determinants of Health , Other Leadership , Program Planning/Strategic Planning Publication Safe States Alliance
HOUSEHOLD SAFETY DURING STRESSFUL TIMES: TIPS FOR GUN OWNERS 2020 Other , Suicide , COVID-19/Disruption , Mental Health , Other N/A Other Public Health Insider/Seattle King County Public Health
Making Self-Care a Priority 2020 Other , COVID-19/Disruption , Mental Health , Other N/A Fact Sheets Safe States Alliance
Resilience Training 2022 Other , COVID-19/Disruption , Mental Health , Other Leadership , Other Other Northwest Center for Public Health Practice
Rural Injuries 2022 Drug Overdose (including prescriptions) , Other , Other Other , Research Other University of Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center
State of the States 2016 Other , Data/Assessment , Other , Systems Thinking Epidemiology (data collection & analysis) , Evaluation Publication Safe States Alliance
Succession Planning and Staff On-Boarding Resources N/A Other , Other Leadership , Program Management/Budgeting Other Safe States Alliance
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