Update on Early Childhood Home Visitation Report Guidance

Update on Early Childhood Home Visitation Report Guidance

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This webinar is hosted in preparation for disseminating the ECHV (MIECHV) Injury Special Emphasis Report Guidance Document at the Core VIPP Grantees Pre-conference Meeting in May. Participants will hear about the transition of the ECHV (MIECHV) Injury Special Emphasis Report envisioned at the time of the writing of CDC-RFA-CE11-1101 to the present vision. They are also be provided with an informational overview of the process that the Surveillance Quality Improvement (SQI) States have conducted in order to develop the ECHV (MIECHV) Report Guidance.

While the production of an ECHV (MIECHV) Injury Special Emphasis Report is a required function of the CDC-RFA-CE11-1101 grantees, it has utility for all states interested in producing a childhood injury report. The Special Emphasis Report Guidance will be made available to all states at the 2012 Joint Annual Meeting of the Safe States Alliance & CDC Core Violence and Injury Prevention Program.

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Topics: Cross-Cutting
  • Communications/Informatics
  • Data/assessment
Core Competencies: Public Health
  • Analytical/Assessment Skills
  • Communication Skills
Core Competencies: Injury & Violence Prevention
  • 1. Ability to DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN injury and/or violence as a major social and health problem
  • 2. Ability to access, interpret, use and present injury and/or violence DATA
  • 6. Ability to DISSEMINATE INFORMATION related to injury and/or violence prevention to the community, other professionals, key policy makers and leaders through diverse communication networks
CHES Areas of Responsibility
  • Area IV: Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education/Promotion
  • Area VII: Communicate, Promote, and Advocate for Health, Health Education/Promotion, and the Profession
CPH Core Areas
  • Environmental Health Sciences
CPH Cross-Cutting Areas
  • Communication and Informatics
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