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Preparing the Public Health Community for Autonomous Vehicles: A Resource Guide 2020 Motor Vehicle and/or Child Passenger Safety , Risk & Protective Factors , Smart Growth/Community Design , Systems Thinking Communication/Dissemination/Framing , Other , Program Planning/Strategic Planning Publication Motor Vehicle National Peer Learning Team
Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Leveraging the Best Available Evidence 2019 Child Maltreatment , Drug Overdose (including prescriptions) , Suicide , ACEs , Risk & Protective Factors , Social Emotional Learning Advocacy/Policy , Collaboration/Partnerships , Communication/Dissemination/Framing , Evaluation , Program Design/Implementation Technical Package Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Foundation
Promoting Child Passenger Safety: A Toolkit for Pre-Hospital Providers 2022 Motor Vehicle and/or Child Passenger Safety , Communications/Informatics , Community Strategies Collaboration/Partnerships , Communication/Dissemination/Framing Toolkit Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Social shareables for suicide prevention N/A Suicide , Communications/Informatics , Mental Health Communication/Dissemination/Framing Other American Foundation for Suicide Prevention , Frameworks Institute , National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention
Talking about Child Mental Health in Tennessee N/A Suicide , ACEs , Communications/Informatics , Mental Health Advocacy/Policy , Collaboration/Partnerships , Communication/Dissemination/Framing Toolkit Frameworks Institute , Tennessee Commission for Children and Youth
The Recreational Boat Occupant Injury Surveillance Roundtable 2019 Drowning/Water-related Injury , Community Strategies , Data/Assessment , Surveillance Advocacy/Policy , Communication/Dissemination/Framing Publication Safe States Alliance
Transforming Communities: Key Elements for the Implementation of Comprehensive Community-Based Suicide Prevention 2020 Suicide , Community Strategies , Mental Health Collaboration/Partnerships , Communication/Dissemination/Framing , Program Design/Implementation Publication National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention
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