Blueprint for a National Injury and Violence Prevention Program

Despite significant burden from injuries and violence, per capita expenditures in injury and violence prevention (IVP) consistently represent a small fraction of total public health investments. Now more than ever, the value of a strong public health infrastructure is clear and we must be unwavering in our commitment to strengthen it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Core State Injury Prevention Program (Core Program) provides a natural foundation on which to build this infrastructure. Entering its sixth iteration, the Core Program emphasizes essential public health competencies and provides states with the capacity to swiftly respond to existing and emerging issues. This report provides: a comprehensive review of the strengths and opportunities of the Core Program, an overview of the core competencies required of a strong IVP program and a series of eight priority recommendations that will establish a national IVP program using the Core Program as its foundation. This report is a critical step towards establishing a national IVP program. Together, we must elevate the recommendations and collectively advance the field of injury and violence prevention, to create the foundation for IVP programs of the future.

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