Building Safer States: Core Components of State Injury & Violence Prevention Programs

This overview of effective state public health injury and violence prevention (IVP) programs relies on the
wisdom and experience of those who know the most about these programs: the members of the Safe
States Alliance.

In September 2012, a group of Safe States members and partners – including directors of state IVP
programs – met to discuss developments that have occurred in the decade since the previous edition of
this document, Safe States, 2003 Edition, was published. During the meeting, the group identified new
content, challenges, and opportunities that became the outline for this document. As this document
was drafted, Safe States members and partners participated in key informant interviews and provided
examples of resources that illustrated the core components in action. The project team is deeply grateful
to the Safe States members and partners who took the time to share both their successes and challenges
and helped to make this report possible.

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