Convergence Dialogue on Guns and Suicide Prevention

As participants in a year-long Convergence dialogue, we advised on the strategies included in this report in service of our common goal—preventing firearm suicide. Convened as a cross-sector, cross-partisan group, we’ve forged trust, deepened mutual understanding, and identified solutions to address this urgent issue. We come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We come from rural and urban America. We hold a wide range of policy views. Our group includes individuals from gun rights and responsibilities advocacy groups, the gun industry, suicide prevention groups, gun violence prevention advocacy groups, mental health and medical practitioners, researchers, faith leaders, and those with a range of important personal connections to this issue. Among us are leaders and groups with opposing views and, in some cases, our organizations have not had meaningful, constructive interactions prior to this dialogue process. But we recognized America needs a different and better conversation on guns, and we are losing far too many of our friends and neighbors to suicide. In coming together, we sought to listen generously across differences, dig beneath top-line positions to understand underlying reasoning and motivations, and rely on both lived experience and data to find solutions.

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