Equity-Focused Approaches to Injury and Violence Prevention

In March 2022, Safe States launched the Equity-Focused Approaches for Injury and Violence Prevention Seed Grant Program. Three organizations received seed grants to pilot or scale-up existing interventions to advance equity-focused efforts designed to address injury or violence prevention topic areas. The foundation of this Equity Seed Grant Program stemmed from the 2021 Injury and Violence Prevention (IVP) Health Equity Scan conducted by Safe States in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The scan assessed how IVP programs and nationwide entities are addressing health and/or racial equity in their work. Building on the formative work completed with the scan, Safe States held a special convening of the Injury and Violence Prevention Network (IVPN) to mobilize members and other professionals to identify opportunities within IVP to further address inequities through enhanced community engagement, partnership activities, and policy initiatives. Equity Seed Grantees were encouraged to frame their interventions based on the vision outlined in the IVPN special convening summary report and integrate equitable approaches to advance one or more needs identified in the summary report.

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