Louisiana: Gaining Momentum on Shared Risk and Protective Factors

The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Family Health (OPH-BFH) has a long history of work in maternal and child health (MCH), making issues like intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual violence, and child abuse and neglect natural fits for the program. Through their work on the CDC’s Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (SVIPP) grant they assembled a working group made up of partners seeking to prevent child abuse and neglect, IPV, and sexual violence. They noticed that many of the same players were involved in these issues, leading them to begin the process of identifying the common risk factors that could unify and strengthen their efforts. Together they used CDC’s Connecting the Dots document to guide discussions about shared risk and protective factors (SRPF) and how they could address many types of violence by taking a SRPF approach. The information from CDC was compelling and helpful for giving a common language to their ideas, however, the challenge was in figuring out how to translate the theory of SRPFs into practical action.

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