Succession Planning and Staff On-Boarding Resources

Change in the workforce is inevitable. Individuals retire, change careers, take a sabbatical, etc. When a plan is put into place to address changes in the workforce, especially leadership changes, it can allow for better success and alleviate stress. The State Designated Representatives Special Interest Group of the Safe States Alliance determined a need to gather and organize resources around the five stages of leadership change as they saw the workforce changing due to retirements, job change, etc. These five stages include: Planning for an unplanned or emergency succession, Transition planning – the leader’s process of planning their own departure, Succession planning – the organization’s process of planning for the departure a current leader, Implementing leadership change – announcing the departure, managing internal and external relationships, and selecting an interim or new person for the role, Supporting the on-boarding of a new leader. The resources gathered are examples of what state health departments and other organizations have used in leadership change. This is not an exhaustive list and more resources may be identified and added in the future. Just as important as succession planning is to an Injury and Violence Prevention program, so is on-boarding new employees. Having tools and resources to introduce and assist new employees to their work in IVP can be very beneficial to the employee and employer. The State Designated Representative Special Interest Group has also compiled resources their members have used in on-boarding new employees. This is not an exhaustive list and more resources may be identified and added in the future.

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