Systems Change Strategies

The menu was originally developed to support Colorado communities in guiding upstream community- and societal-level systems change strategies as part of the Community Organizing for Prevention program. The purpose of the menu is to highlight evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies that create systems changes within communities and environments to ultimately reduce risk factors and protect youth from adverse health and social outcomes. The focus of the strategies in this menu is only on local systems change, not on changes that might occur at the state or federal level. The menu should be used as a foundation of information from which community coalitions can formulate more specific action plans to implement systems change strategies that have been selected based on local risk and protective factor data and diverse community buy-in. Learn more about the critical precursors to implementing these strategies. By understanding the local context in which these strategies will be implemented, communities can better tailor their efforts to align to specific community needs. There are many links to external references and resources in the menu that can be used across different communities to tailor these efforts. 

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